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Unbelievable, I did a Road Trip from Beijing to Tibet. Its about 32 days and 11000 KMs. Yes, China is huge; too much famous attractions need to see by your eyes, not on TV.
We provide experienced drivers with cars in prime conditions for your travel. Vehicle and tour guide could be changed anytime based on your needs. You are able to have stop anywhere during the journey to enjoy the good scenery and have a cup of coffee which is provided by our car free of charge.
In the past 5 years, we successfully delivered Road Trip for travelers from Beijing to Chengde, Xi'an and Chengdu. Also, we could provide journeys like Chinese Cave, Chinese Pagoda, Chinese Tibetan Buddhism, etc.
No need to worry about the meals and accommodations during the journey as our rich experiences will ensure your entire journey is full of pleasant surprises.
Suggestion itinerary:
One day road trip:
Beijing to Wutai round trip.
Beijing to Yungang Caves in Datong to Hanging Temple round trip.
Two days road trip:
Beijing to Eastern Qing Tombs to Chengde.
Seven days Beijing to Shanxi/Xian road trip:
Further details please email me.
That is the itinerary from Beijing to Tibet: Beijing – Chengdu in 28 days and 11,000 KM.
Day 1.  Monday, August 31. Beijing – Ming tombs – Juyong Guan – Datong. 400 km.
Day 2. Tuesday, September 1. Datong  - Yungang Shiku – Hohhot, 300 km.
Day 3. Wednesday, September 2. Hohot city and around, 100 km.
Day 4. Thursday, September 3. Hohhot – Meidai – Wudang – Baotou, 200 km.
Day 5. Friday, September 4. Baotou – Yinchuan, 600 km.
Day 6. Saturday, September 5. Yinchuan and around, 100 km.
Day 7. Sunday, September 6. Yinchuan – 108 Dagobas – Xumi Shan – Tianshui, 600 km.
Day 8. Monday, September 7. Tianshui – Maiji Shan Shiku – Tianshui, 100 km.
Day 9. Tuesday, September 8. Tianshui – Gangu – Wu Shan – Lanzhou, 350 km.
Day 10. Wednesday, September 9. Lanzhou city and around, 50 km.
Day 11. Thursday, September 10. Lanzhou – Bingling – Lanzhou, 200 km.
Day 12. Friday, September 11. Lanzhou -  Zhangye – Jiayuguan, 700 km.
Day 13. Saturday, September 12. Jiayuguan and around, 100 km.
Day 14. Sunday, September 13. Jiayuguan – Dunhuang, 400km.
Day 15. Monday, September 14. Dunhuang – Magao – Yulin – Dunhuang, 100 km.
Day 16. Tuesday, September 15. Dunhuang –Yumenguan – Yangguang- Dunhuang. 200 km.
Day 17. Wednesday, September 16. Dunhuang – Chaka, 600 km.
Day 18. Thursday, September 17. Chaka – Xining – Xiahe, 400 km.
Day 19. Friday, September 18. Xiahe and around, 50 km.
Day 20. Saturday, September 19. Xiahe – Langmusi, 200 km.
Day 21. Sunday, September 20. Langmusi – Aba, 300 km.
Day 22. Monday, September 21. Aba and around, 50 km.
Day 23. Tuesday, September 22. Aba – Rangtang, 150 km.
Day 24. Wednesday, September 23. Rangtang – Garze, 250 km.
Day 25. Thursday, September 24. Garze and around, 50 km.
Day 26. Friday, September 25. Garze – Danba, 300 km.
Day 27. Saturday, September  26. Danba and around, 100 km.
Day 28. Sunday, September 29. Danba – Chengdu, 300 km.
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