Ø Untouched Wall Hiking
Hiking  Jiankou to Mutianyu Wall
Tour code: HJM--01
Duration: 8 hours
Pickup/dropoff at your hotel lobby
Attractions: Jiankou and Mutianyu section Wall
Walking duration: 4 hours and 8 KMs
Person/Price RMB
Group of person 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price (RMB)P/P 1500 950 750 650 600 600 550 500
more cheap more people
Inlcluding: guide, vehicle, lunch, tickets, drinking water
Hiking  Gubeikou to Jinshanling Wall
Tour code: HGJ--01
Duration: 10 hours
Pickup/dropoff at your hotel lobby
Attractions: Gubeikou and Jinshanling section Wall
Walking duration: 5 hours and 11 KMs
Person/Price RMB
Group of person 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price (RMB)P/P 1650 1050 850 750 700 650 600 550

Inlcluding: guide, vehicle, lunch, tickets, drinking water
Hiking  Zhuangdaokou to Huanghuacheng Wall.
Tour code: HZH--01
Duration: 7 hours
Pickup/dropoff at your hotel lobby
Attractions: Zhuangdaokou and Huanghuacheng section Wall
Walking duration: 3 hours and 3 KMs
Person/Price RMB
Group of person 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price (RMB)P/P 1400 750 700 650 600 550 530 500
Inlcluding: guide, vehicle, lunch, tickets, drinking water
A hiking report for Gubeikou to Jinshanling
Author: Daniel Harrison
Travel time:  Approx. 110 kilometres / 2.5 hour drive from Beijing
Area:  Northeast Miyun County
Difficulty:  Moderate
Distance:  Approx. 8 kilometres from Panlongshan to Jinshanling
Hike time:  4-6 hours
Ages:  10-60
Best times to travel:  April, May, September, November. Do not travel if it is raining as the paths will be very slippery.
Price: 30RMB (Panlongshan) and 65RMB (Jinshanling)
Bring: Water, snacks, sunscreen, cash
Get away from Beijing’s crowds and pollution. The Gubeikou Great Wall offers spectacular views, varied terrains, and a rare experience in China - peace and solitude. At the Gubeikou you will experience the ‘Wild Wall’. Unlike sites such as Badaling, Mutianyu and Jinshanling, Gubeikou has not been restored and yet it is remarkably well preserved. This section of the Great Wall will allow you to more fully appreciate the incredible skills and ingenuity of the Wall’s builders and architects. The Gubeikou Great Wall was first constructed in the midst of the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-557) and was more extensively developed with towers and gates during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Aside from some minor reconstruction of steps by villagers, the Gubeikou Great Wall has not been restored since 1567.
Beginning at Panlongshan village you will be greeted by elderly minders who provide tickets, refreshments, food, and travel tips. There are two paths to the Wall from Panlongshan village: the left path winds west to the Wall while the right path cuts a more direct route. I advise the left path which takes you to the beginning of Panlongshan section (west of this section is off limits). On this path the Wall slowly reveals itself amidst the trees and overgrowth. Once you step foot on the Wall the sight is breathtaking.
Most of the steps of the Panlongshan section of Gubeikou have been eroded by time, leaving the path rough and uneven, unlike the relentless step climbing of the restored sections of the Wall such as Badaling. While a guide is not necessary you must pay attention to the fluorescent orange and yellow dots and arrows that are spray-painted on the Wall and the path to guide you along the way. This is the Wild Wall so there are no official signs. It is unlikely that you will get lost, however, should you feel that you have wandered too far astray cell phone reception is available for most of the hike, 2G/3G is intermittent.
The first section will take approximately 1.5 hours to walk and is undoubtedly the highlight of the trek. Along this section you will pass through several dilapidated guard towers that will allow you to examine the construction and architecture in greater detail. On clear days you can see all the way to Jingshanling and Simatai in the east and the jagged mountains peaks of the west.
The middle section of the Panlongshan to Jinshanling pass is strictly off limits as it borders on a military zone. A modern-day guard tower overlooks this section so should you trespass you may be greeted by members of the People’s Liberation Army. Here you must step off the Wall and make your way along an overgrown path. In June and July the foliage of this section is especially lush so expect to get some minor scratches and grazes. The path is is rugged so tread carefully or you may end up on your behind. Along this section you will encounter an abandoned hut, corn fields and perhaps a farmer. It diverts quite a ways from the Wall allowing you to view it from the perspective of a Mongolian invader.
At the three-quarter point you will arrive at a small family-operated hotel and restaurant where you can take a well-deserved rest. The accommodation and food is simple and somewhat expensive so be sure to ask about prices before booking and ordering. The owners do not speak English but they are very friendly and accommodating.
After your much-needed break you will to make your way back up to the Wall. The path is rough and at times slippery so be sure to take care. When you step back onto the Wall you will officially enter the Jinshanling section, which completed restorations in 2008. You will need to buy a ticket from a seller who spends most of her days cross-stitching in one of the towers. Jinshanling provides a distinct contrast from the Gubeikou section with its newly rebuilt steps and towers. Here you will step back into civilization with its flocks of tourists, hawkers, and a cable car.
The remoteness, solitude, and authenticity of the Gubeikou Great Wall makes it a great alternative for more adventurous types.




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