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macbcmini      2012/1/26 11:29:10
We used Mark as driver for our end of Oct 2011 Mutianyu Great Wall visit. Very happy with his excellent professional services and reasonable price. Mark picked us up exactly on time at 7AM in front of our North Garden hotel on WFJ, good suggestion from Mark to start early, got to Mutianyu before 9AM. There were very few cars at parjking lot and the GW was mostly empty. Mark took us to the right window for enclosed cable car tickets(this is very important), took us to clean bathroom, offered us free water, and sent us up. No line, no people, no tour groups, the place was empty. We were on the wall at 9AM, very few people there. Details matter, his suggestions were very important. His directions (such as enclosed cable car) sent us to go downhill all the way, while other tourists struggle to go uphill all the way or gave up midway. Not only the reversed direction is so much easier, it is also far less crowded. I do not think I could have survived a nonstop steep climb on the GW. We wanted it easy and it was. We came down by slide at 1040AM with very short wait at the slide, many reported 45 minutes wait later in the day, and saw the huge crowd and sea of cars and buses in the parking lots which were empty 1.6 hours ago. By being early, we also skipped all the shops and sellers. Mark has a black VW golf with 4 seats including the driver, room for 3, 4 if you are small, surprisingly roomy car. Clean car and a safe driver, friendly, professional and not agreesive nor overly friendly. We highly recommend Mark for your Great Wall visit. On the way back to Beijing, we paid 100 yuan extra for Mark to drop us off at Summer Palace.
Marie      2012/1/19 21:35:58
We are a family of 7 and contacted Mark when we wanted to go to the Great Wall. We got picked up just outside our apartment and Mark gave us information about tickets and what else we needed to know when we arrived. Everything went smooth and I can highly recommend him and his company!
Lydia      2012/1/18 9:36:54
We found Mark on tripadvisor and decided to contact him for our trip to Mutianyu Great Wall. there were 6 of us in the group and we told him our plans and he made the time arragnement for the places we wanted to visit. we were very happy with the arrangement to Mutianyu, Mark arranged for a van for the trip. He pick us up from the hotel lobby on time and the drive to Mutianyu was smooth. His time arrangement was good, we got to the wall early so miss the crowd of tourist who came later, there was no queue at the ticket booth and the wall was pretty empty making it good for taking pictures. For lunch, mark recommended a good restaurant serving local cuisine. we ended the trip with a stop at the Beijign Olympic park. we would highly recommend Mark, he was very reliable and our trip only included our requested destination and there was no unwanted stops to retail shops considered "tourist traps".
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